Princess Kate and those grey hairs!!

Just been reading Nicky Clarke’s comments about Princess Kate showing a few grey hairs while she was pregnant. Nicky (who is in his mid-50s with long blonde hair still!!!) says women should not show any grey hairs at all. according to him any grey for a woman is a disaster.

As you might imagine I don’t agree!!! and it is not just because I am of a certain age either. I am all for colouring. the stylists at Evergreen are experts at colouring. But sometimes just a hint of grey can look stylish, sophisticated and little bit sexy. It’s worth thinking about.

Princess Kate is a woman in her prime – there’s nothing wrong with her showing a bit of grey – especially when she was expecting. Women sometimes have other priorities!

So Nicky, stopping having a go at grey hair. I wonder if you have a few in your impressive head of hair.

PS: Just to let you know our three new apprentices have started work. look on the meet the team section of our website for more information. Exciting!