New Look For Evergreen

Exciting times for Evergreen Hairdressers!! Over the next two or three weeks we are having work done on the salon to give us a brand new look. We are creating a fabulous new reception area along with some extra work space. All in all it is going to look fantastic. We can’t wait for you all to see it.

In the meantime we will be trying to keep the noise and inconvenience to a minimum for all our customers!!!

Mary looks great in the Bake Off

Are you watching the Bake Off? I love it. And isn’t Mary Berry looking incredible for eighty. I can’t believe how good she looks. She seems to have got more and more glamourous with ever series! Heaven knows what she will look like by series ten!!

Her hair always looks fantastic. It looks thick and chic – the envy of women half her age. She seems to look younger and younger as time goes by. A real icon for her generation

A hairy TV moment………

What woman who prides herself on looking after her hair could not feel sorry for TV presenter Carole Walker. The poor woman was presenting a TV news bulletin yesterday. the camera suddenly switched back to her – and caught her combing her hair with a massive brush! She carried on as if nothing had happened!

I don’t know about you but I often look at my hair in the mirror in the morning and think – what am I going to do about this! It is bad enough looking in the mirror on my own let alone having millions of tv viewers joining – a real hair nightmare.

Hollywood Hair

Some good advice from Philip Kingsley, the man who supposedly ‘saved’ Audrey Hepburn’s hair. You don’t get much bigger star quality than that!

Don’t use a bristle brush. Use a wide-toothed comb when you are waiting for the conditioner to set.

Don’t wash conditioner out too thoroughly – it needs to have a chance to work its magic!

Don’t use pure oils on dry hair – it just makes it greasy.

If this advice was good enough for Audrey Hepburn then……….

Princess Kate and those grey hairs!!

Just been reading Nicky Clarke’s comments about Princess Kate showing a few grey hairs while she was pregnant. Nicky (who is in his mid-50s with long blonde hair still!!!) says women should not show any grey hairs at all. according to him any grey for a woman is a disaster.

As you might imagine I don’t agree!!! and it is not just because I am of a certain age either. I am all for colouring. the stylists at Evergreen are experts at colouring. But sometimes just a hint of grey can look stylish, sophisticated and little bit sexy. It’s worth thinking about.

Princess Kate is a woman in her prime – there’s nothing wrong with her showing a bit of grey – especially when she was expecting. Women sometimes have other priorities!

So Nicky, stopping having a go at grey hair. I wonder if you have a few in your impressive head of hair.

PS: Just to let you know our three new apprentices have started work. look on the meet the team section of our website for more information. Exciting!